The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada



Regular Review vs. Lead TPC Review/Summary

  • Each TPC member will be the TPC lead for about 5 papers and will be a regular reviewer for about 12-15 papers (including the ones for which he/she is the TPC lead reviewer).
  • For papers for which you are the TPC lead, in your EDAS screen (after you login, select "My TPCs" and INFOCOM 2014 from the list of conferences), you will see both a link to "tpc" as well as "review" under the "Type" column.
  • For papers for which you are a regular reviewer, you will only see the "review" link under the "Type" column. First, you need to provide a review for each of the papers in your list by using the "review" link and filling out the review form by the Regular Review deadline. You may delegate some regular reviews as described below (see Delegation).
  • After that there will be an online discussion phase during which you can discuss with other reviewers/TPC leads each of the papers that has been assigned to you for review. The messages posted during the online discussion will not be made available to the authors. Please see below for instructions on how to participate in the online discussion.
  • Once the discussion phase is over, as the TPC lead you will need to provide a summary of the discussions in the form of a TPC lead (meta) review. For this, please click on the "tpc" link under the "Type" column for your TPC lead papers and fill out the TPC summary form and choose one of four categories for each paper
    1. Accept
    2. Discuss
    3. Needs Additional Review and
    4. Reject.
  • This TPC lead (meta) review (TPC summary) needs to be completed by the TPC Summary deadline. The TPC summary will not be made available to the authors.