The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada

TPC Online Discussion


The following are guidelines for the TPC online discussion phase:

  • Each TPC member is a TPC lead for at most 5 papers. In this online discussion phase, the TPC-lead should try to resolve conflicting reviews and to come up with a unanimous recommendation for these papers. The TPC-lead is also in charge of writing a short review (known as the TPC-lead or meta- review), which summarizes the discussion and makes a recommendation (Accept, Needs additional review, Discuss at TPC meeting or Reject).
  • TPC Leads: Please start the discussion as soon as two reviews are available instead of waiting for all three reviews to be submitted. The other reviewers will receive the discussion message through an e-mail from EDAS. Discussion messages can always be viewed on the EDAS page for the paper. For details on how to initiate and post discussion messages, please refer to the detailed instructions above.
  • Discussion messages are sent anonymously to all the TPC members who have been assigned as reviewers for the paper as well as any delegated reviewers. You should not identify yourself when you post discussion messages on EDAS. Reviewers may identify each other as "Reviewer A", "Reviewer B" etc.
  • The TPC lead of a paper will have to check if the numerical scores are well justified by the written review (and also catch short/low quality reviews), and follow up with reviewers using EDAS requesting them to update their reviews.
  • Also, please just do not mark papers for "discuss" without adequate on-line discussion. During the TPC meeting, the group members spend an average of 15 minute per paper and do not have the time to *review* the paper in detail - they will depend quite a bit upon the paper comments and on-line discussions. Kindly provide them with more clarifications about why you have unresolved differences, and reasons for accept/reject.
  • If the paper truly needs more attention and an extra authoritative review, kindly mark it for an extra review. This year, we will have Area TPC chairs who will find such a review for papers and help in decision making.
  • The TPC-lead summary (meta-review) is due by Oct. 16. An extension of a few days can only be granted by the ATPC Chair who is responsible for the paper.
The ATPC chair can view the discussion messages and participate in the online discussions (if necessary). ATPC Chairs will also be able to view reviewer identities.