The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada

TPC Meeting


The INFOCOM 2014 TPC Meeting will be held in Toronto, Canada in 16 November, 2013.

Details are on the INFOCOM 2014 website and can be found at the TPC meeting information page (accessible using the TPC Meeting Logistics page in the TPC Menu).

Please let us know if you will attend the meeting and the dinner through EDAS (log into EDAS, click on “MyTPC” tab, and then click on the “TPC meeting” icon in the INFOCOM 2014 row.

All TPC members are invited to the TPC meeting.

In order to put together a high-quality program, it is important to have you participate in this meeting. This is an invaluable experience to see how papers are actually accepted/rejected and which reviews matter and which reviews do not. It is a way to tap into the decision mindset of your peers in the community (especially for newer TPC members) so that you can write more competitive papers to INFOCOM and other conferences.

We expect to have a more focused set of papers at the TPC meeting with a higher acceptance probability (almost 30-40%) compared to the overall conference acceptance rate of 20%. This will hopefully bias the discussions to be positive and discuss papers which have good feedback from the TPC review, TPC discussion and Area TPC processes.

We expect to have groups discussing about 25-30 papers each, which will give an average of 15 min per paper (Note: these numbers are tentative at this stage and we will know better by October 2013). This is why the on-line TPC discussion should not "punt" the hard work to the TPC meeting and instead should give good feedback. Also, reviews having high ratings with short reviews may be discounted. Area TPC chairs may choose to bring in papers with lower numerical scores, but have substantive feedback (possibly through an extra review).