The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada

Claiming Topics


You can claim (request) the topics that you would like to review for INFOCOM 2014 by logging into EDAS ( using your login email address and your EDAS password. Then click on "My TPCs" tab. You will see a list of conferences in which you serve as a TPC member. In the row for "INFOCOM 2014", please click on the cell in the "Requested (claim)" column.

Please be sure to click on "Change" button at the bottom of the page to update your list of claimed (requested) topics for INFOCOM 2014.

Frequently asked questions

I am not able to view the list of abstracts to claim from? - Detailed Instructions

Please log into EDAS ( using your login email address and your EDAS password. If you have forgotten your EDAS password, you will need to follow instructions at to request the system to email you your password. If you have already logged in to EDAS, you can Claim Papers by clicking on the "My TPCs" tab at the top, then going to the row marked "INFOCOM 2014" and clicking on the number (usually 0) in the corresponding cell in the column marked "Requested (claim)."  Please make sure that you mark as many topics as possible under "no interest" and click on "Change topics of interest." Then please try the process of claiming topics again.

I am not able to see the My TPCs tab - Detailed Instructions

Please click on the "My profile" tab and then click on the "My TPCs" tab.

I have too many papers (> 100) claimed in the categories: Want to Review + Can Review + Review if needed. How do I reduce this number?

You need to move more papers to the other category: Cannot Review. This is done by clicking on the Claim link and then marking a different category (column) for the papers in the Can Review category, since these constitute the bulk of your selections typically. Another option for you is to modify your set of topics to mark more of the topics as "no interest" and try the claims process with fewer abstracts. Please be sure to list at least 75 papers in the Want to Review, Can Review and Review if needed columns (total) and at least 45 papers in the Want to Review column to provide us with enough flexibility to assign three independent reviewers to each paper.