The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada

The 3rd Workshop on Communications and Control for Smart Energy Systems (CCSES)

The emerging smart energy system is expected to be a large-scale cyber-physical system that can improve the efficiency, reliability, and robustness of power and energy grids by integrating advanced techniques from power systems, control, communications, signal processing, and networking. For instance, advanced communications and networking technologies are expected to play a vital role in the future smart grid infrastructures by supporting two-way energy and information flow and enabling more efficient monitoring, control, and optimization of different grid functionalities and smart power devices. The efficient design of the forthcoming smart grid system faces a plethora of challenges at different levels ranging from communications and networking to control and power systems. In addition, the deployment of the smart grid will lead to several new multi-disciplinary research opportunities and potentials for collaborations with industries and various international smart grid standardization bodies.

Building on the success of its 2012 and 2013 versions, the Workshop on Communications and Control for Smart Energy Systems is intended to provide a forum for discussion on all these most recent developments and bring together industry and academia, engineers and researchers. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the IEEE INFOCOM 2014 conference ( and it provides a unique occasion for the community to meet and share ideas and visions.