The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada

The 2nd Workshop on Name Oriented Mobility (NOM)

The second edition of the NOM workshop will be held on April 28th 2014 in conjunction with the IEEE INFOCOM 2014 conference after the great success of its first edition that was held with the ACM MobiHoc 2013 conference. The NOM workshop is particularly interested in Information Centric Network (ICN) advances in support of the mobile and wireless space.

Name-oriented network architectures appear very promising for wireless and mobile networks, such as for instance IoT among wireless and mobile devices that could not scale well up till now, home networks among wireless and mobile hand held devices that constitute the majority of end-users devices, wireless sensor networks for smart spaces and vehicular networks which account a large, and exponentially increasing number of devices and connections that clearly suffer from the lack of mobility management in the IP architecture and the lack of an efficient data storage and sharing mean. Moreover, within the context of multimedia and video services and the huge demand for highly scalable and efficient distribution of content, ICN is promising in offering an alternative or complementing  to the proprietary or specialized content distribution mechanisms, such as CDN and P2P systems, and aims for improved content access through general Internet mechanisms for content replication and dissemination among not only core network devices but also wireless edge network devices and wireless and mobile end-users devices.

We encourage submissions of high quality technical papers on mobile and wireless ICN work in the following topics:

  • ICN mobile/wireless architectures and platforms
  • Compelling applications and services for ICN for wireless and mobile networks (IoT, smart environments, home networks,  ……)
  • ICN deployment models for wireless and mobile networks (Clean-slate, evolutionary, …)
  • Technical deployment of ICN into operational networks (specialized hardware ICN routers, ICN software into virtualized nodes, etc.)
  • ICN scalability to high density network deployments (e.g. for IoT applications)
  • Impact of ICN on mobile/wireless protocols and  systems
  • Mobility management in ICN considering multiple radio technologies
  • ICN support for seamless and simultaneous connectivity across multiple links
  • ICN tolerance to disruption in wireless and mobile links
  • Policy management with ICN
  • ICN in relation to CDNs and Cloud Services
  • Cooperation between ICN and CDN networks
  • Standardization efforts impacting mobile ICN
  • Data naming and Objects Identification in wireless and mobile networks
  • Radio resources management and congestion control
  • Context-awareness in ICN
  • Intelligent in-network Caching in ICN for better network resources optimization and user experience
  • ICN role in wireless and mobile User Experience
  • ICN Security and Privacy
  • Forwarding strategies in wireless and mobile ICN
  • Performance evaluation for wireless and mobile ICNs