The 33rd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'14), April 27th - May 2nd, 2014, Toronto, Canada



Title: Wireless Packets with Deadlines

Speaker: P. R. Kumar

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Texas A&M University, USA


There is increasing need for supporting delay sensitive tasks over wireless. Can one characterize what kind of per-packet delay guarantees can be provided to flows over an unreliable medium like wireless, and how to support such flows? We provide a model that provides several interesting and sometimes surprising answers. [Joint work with I-Hong Hou].


P. R. Kumar holds the College of Engineering Chair in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. His current research is focused on energy systems, wireless networks, secure networking, automated transportation, and cyberphysical systems. He obtained his B. Tech. from IIT Madras, and his D.Sc. from Washington University, St. Louis. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering of the USA, and a fellow of the World Academy of Sciences. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the ETH, Zurich. He received the Outstanding Contribution Award of ACM SIGMOBILE, the IEEE Field Award for Control Systems, the Donald P. Eckman Award of the American Automatic Control Council, and the Fred W. Ellersick Prize of the IEEE Communications Society. He is an ACM Fellow and a Fellow of IEEE. He was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Madras, the Alumni Achievement Award from Washington University in St. Louis, and the Daniel C. Drucker Eminent Faculty Award from the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois. He is an Honorary Professor at IIT Hyderabad, and a D. J. Gandhi Distinguished Visiting Professor at IIT Bombay.